Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Woman

Dashing crimson
Soaring ambition
No fluctuation.

Charm and elegance
An outward fragrance
No repugnance.

Kumkum and beer
Forgotten tear
No conformist fear.

Happy Woman's Day!

I mull over till I pull my rug over

Fluttering like a jumpy butterfly,
All sprightly and happy and smiling,
The colorful wings dancing in gaiety
Does the butterfly sting like a bee?
I mull over till I pull my rug over.

Finding a peculiar order in randomness,
And lot of meaning in calm solitude
Shedding the joyous cloak solemnly
And haggling for the real one nastily,
I mull over till I pull my rug over.

A sure tang of unsure ripeness
With the heart of juvenile infancy
All of it surreal, yet not fanciful
And finding the rhythm in humdrum,
I mull over till I pull my rug over.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Orkut sCrapping is nice no?

I dont frequent Orkut these days. Pity. Am one of those legendary Orkutters with a Dhoni-esque strike-rate and Sachin-esque Poise. Where? On Orkut.
When I do do, there's a flurry.Yay.

Ok, I havent updated my blog for a long long time. Not longer than that one year hiatus I know. I thought pasting conversations such as this would be fillers-of-sorts. There's this bum of a guy who i am yet to meet. I was so impressed by one of his innocent narration about a certain incident where he was asked to wear some frock with big, fluroscent marigolds in one of his blogs.Immediately scrapped. Orkut's so easy no? And then some mad noisy and obviously crazy conversations. we thought we'd study for CAT- virtual combined studies we thought. Haha. I didnt do a thing. He did a little. Wink! And then we forgot. And then we remembered! And then we get all yappy. Haha. Like this.

hey jaan, ssup? long tym no see...hows work ?

OII abhay!! yup re looooong time haan.. kaam bahut hectic hectic.. just the usual na.. took off bcos i was unwell, hence sneakin into orkut from time t time.. kaise ho aap? :)

kaam aint so hectic, but dunno wat to do with the free time once i get home frm wrk. reading paulo coelho as of now....get well soon

haha then go pick leaves, drive cows, if there are no cows, try driving pigs, even i wanna say 'kaam aint so hectic' ;D i read reluctant fundamentalist very recently- good read baap!

u're givin me ideas, am seriously thinkin of doin somethin like tht :)
hav become a cow of sorts myself, been eating all sorts of ghaas-puus at 'sub-way' lately :P

if that is so, y do u deceive ppl with a cool-ish disp pic bum!! put a nice jersey cow ka pic instead.. that would be a stunner.. of some sorts.. gonna do tired of lookin cool :P
wat plans for the weekend ? am goin to watch venus nd serena play at the b'lore open tomo.

oye thats like a nicey plan.. sad that it's not sharapova who's playing huh? ;D am goint to office to compensate 4 the off.. i know its one cool way to spend a saturday, offer no comments:D

yea, sad tht sharapova or ivanovic arent for u, u'll be one of the very few in office tomo, so take ur speakers there nd listen to songs at a high volume :)
and btw, written something new on ma blog that's been liked by quite a few, plz giv it a read when u get the time :)

u actually did the cow thing! boy atleast some listen to me- be it very tribial or not so so.. :D n no we r on a trip next week to mysore n coorg.. so some bums are gonna compensate for that tomo.. but yes not the entire crowd at off tomo.. which is good.. n oh yes shall do it write away!

i liked the idea of the pic coz it was whacky and had some shock value :)
hav fun at ur mysore trip, am goin to pondy nxt week btw.

free booze kya enjoy buddy :D n check my comments ** 4 that uncle blog, rocker stuff!! :D

am a teetotaller now, but many others r goin thr just for the booze :) chkd ur comment, 'uncle cow'....superb flattered :)
nd yea, gotto leave the net cafe now....catch ya laters...haffun, tc

teetotaller now will become was a teetotaller then post pondy!! bye man take care and be good

And he clicked ‘logout’! :D

** (the comment)Stuffed Goofy! said...
hilarious post uncle cow!! :D better than the marigold frock one i tell you.. reminded me of the godrej hair dye ad where the aunty-echo keeps ringing n slowly fades.. :D very picturesque- i could visualize everything frame by frame- from the pears soap vanishing to the white hair scrutiny to the mental mutiny:D cheers man u rock!

Friday, March 07, 2008 8:48:00 AM

Silly feeling,
Stupid Being,
Monaco Eating,
Bliss Finding.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Canara Bank Makeover

The 'Together We Can' hoardings did catch my eye somehow despite the blinkers on the road while the mind would be devotedly loitering a fictitious, yet realistic place. Like Malgudi? Maybe. The ads were unconventional and fresh (talk of vegetables, cricket fielding, a cute couple and banking all bundled and nicely spun in a less than a minute Ad!).
The more eloborate new tag- ' We change for the ones we love' is absolutely appealing, alright. Relating it on our personal planes it's almost a very very corny, unnecessary cliche. The "Anything for you, baby", "Guess what, I did this just for you" and such other moronic lines, even I use, many times, if not all the times. And at some vastly extraordinary times (that happens once in say seventy nine days,I mean, times like now) I would be ruthlessly sane and marginally objectivist and would go on this "why in the blazes should I do something just for another"- be it my best buddy or my dearest aunty. Ofcourse, am not ridiculous enough to encourage the hopeless drug addicts to trample all the advice their loved ones just because they love to dope. But the "I'll wear that orange kurti every alternate day because it's your favorite"-types is downright pathetic. The example is a very trivial one, but many a little drop like this will enthusiastically drain the ocean of You, Your Soul. And I just send this "Anything for you, baby" sms. Haha, that was just for some punch, am not that silly to divulge it even if I did.

This, and Youthcurry's recent blog triggered me to write this. I had been musing breezily about this when I first saw the hoardings. It sprung alive, now.

"I love God, my family, my friends, red wine, fireworks, going for a long, sweaty run, laughing until no sound comes out and taking my time" - Kirsten Richard, when she's not Lance Armstrong's, anymore, on Oprah Winfrey Show.,,1192564,00.html

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Today's Very Proper Improper Fraction(?): 22/3

The title is self-explanatory. Doesnt even need this cricinfo screen shot. I came from office at 8 am today. Dead, bored and sleepy. Was staring at Channel number 14 (that's where Star Cricket is telecast (not so morally) at not so important times) for some freak co-incidence to happen. Cursing the Conditional Access System has become part of my chores, so to say. My PC had cricinfo, cricketnext and some other three-four cricket sites- all but one minimized. My eyes and consequently my whole self shuttled madly between gazing at the PC and Channel 14. 330 / 10 - the Lords smiled and all that (Is this cliched now too?) The shuttles stopped and I comfortably parked in one lucky corner of one particular sofa in a very specific posture (After fourteen years of analysis, Indians do marginally less worse when am positioned so. So much for virtually and wastefully strategising? Oh, I cant help it. Many cant, either.
It's lunch, Harsha and Shaz are suavely yelling (Blame the volume, Cricket takes precedence even when am blogging)- 22/3. Am wide awake and thoroughly excited and there's this ear-to-ear-grin pasted permanently, temporarily. Such is the fanaticism and the singular dedication to the sport. Five overs of action and if in India's favour- we are beyond ourselves. Some jump all around, some stay at one corner savouring the moments, some sms the world about this (like they are the only ones watching),some blog(haha). Different expressions, same emotion.
Ok, the the play's about to resume, I need to strategically position myself in that same corner.

PS: Indians might even lose the game comprehensively, It's this moment that matters- I wont mince words.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


So this guy called me "Dalda" (Yes, that was an endearment. And yes, all my friends are atrociously crazy). Of course, he never thought about the "dalda"-nick (he's almost, always retarded :D) but instantly I connected with the name. Ask me why. People who know me too well for too long a time (the latter is a definite criterion) would get this, too. Melting into other people's(who make my 'Dalda's' world/ made its(?) 'then' world) life,Dalda adds that extra bit of taste, that extra bit of ease when not in excess such that it doesnt override what's not to be. And the people did, after a while realise that Dalda was all of ephemeral bliss. Through precedents. But they forgot that- You dont realise that when you're in the Dalda-Zone. But then one day, there were health disorders (disorder of something else's health? Affirmative.) Then they realised. Slipped into the Daldized Precedent Bandwagon. Of course, they made a better world for their good and even Dalda's good (even the occasional deepest pangs of guilt become less deeper by the consolation that it's all bright and beautiful in that Daldized world which I mentioned a little earlier.)
Some things never change.
Oh they can.
PS: Please do not mind if its kind of obscure. Or too obvious :)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Those I want to do. And those I havent done.

1) Ride on a super sopper. At MCG. Am applying for the groundsman's post out there. Ok, I am not that insane, yet.
2) Trek for long, and high, despite my physical limitations (Being round doesnt necessarily do the 'wheels-easing-effect'), reach the peak and raise my hands above my head. I should touch the sky. Well, atleast seemingly. Figuratively, I better.
3) Meet Rehab. She's a transitive friend, her writings are as beautiful as her soul (and this, is a complement for her soul!), someone who I see a lot or most of myself in, just that she's livelier, more delightful, brilliant and perfectly knows what she's upto (I score an as-round-as-me zero here). Did I say I see most of me in her? Oh, I still do.
4) Bungee Jump. Must-do before am stuffed into the ground or before I glide into senility. Gravity is the most charming thing. Who doesnt fall for it?
5) Ride on a camel across the desert wearing those typical Rajasthani attires and accessories. And then, there should be a sand storm. Atleast, I should dream of this, one night.
6) Work for what I want, despite me. Yes, am my biggest and the only odd. The superficial odds are my derivatives. Now, what do I want? I'll figure that out.
7) Watch India Vs Australia, 1998 in Sharjah, LIVE. To witness the Sachin Masterclass, the panache and quality of His cricket. Time Travel is fiction, unfortunately. And fortunately.
8) Capture the morning dew doing an untrained ballet on the lotus leaf. The colourless drop becomes nature's emerald. I think it should be beautiful.
9) Step out of myself and look at what I do for a while. This was suggested by a co-blogger to get out of reality's mundanity. But it doesnt seem possible. It's creepy, even. Very intriguingly interesting though.
10) Blow bubbles by an idyllic riverside and trace the bubble till it reduces to nothingness. And trace the next.
Ah, a round figure. But there are many many more. I'll blog them in such round installments.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Today's Number: 154*

And today was even better. Somehow, a ton from the master himself pleases me more than anything else or anyone else's. Call it blind worship or unabashed bias- I do not know. And I do not know if there are many of my genre? Whatever be it, All hail the Master. I caught his interview on CNN IBN or some channel, prior to the Aussie tour. The child-like innocence that dances with grace on his countenence, the all teeth-out-smiles stuck almost always, the innate and spontaneous humility and the passion in his voice- all this strikes and stuns me, many-many-folds than what his glorious straight drives or his inimitable paddle sweeps do. His greatest hallmark is his simplicity, the just-another-brick exterior with so much character, will and spunk well concealed. He never ceases to floor me. And 'the world' can substitue 'me'.

PS: There used to be some eerie connection between Sachin's well being on the cricket grounds and my academic well being when at school. More, later on some random sunday.